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Evacuations Ordered for Indian Gulch Fire

Kirk Siegler

An air tanker is en route from Idaho as high winds and technical problems with air support hinder efforts to contain a more than 700-acre wildfire burning west of golden.

The Indian Gulch fire is only 15% contained. 100 homes in the Golden Gate Canyon area have been evacuated. Another 600 have been alerted by reverse 911 to be prepared to evacuate if conditions worsen. Evacuees are being asked to go to First Methodist Church in Golden.

Meanwhile, 25 homes in Evergreen have been evacuated because of a small 5 to 8 acre wind-whipped grass fire that firefighters say began around 2 o’clock this afternoon. Evacuees from this fire are being asked to go to Evergreen High School.

Another fire near Conifer has burned a few outbuildings. UPDATED 5:06 p.m.


Evacuation orders have been issued by reverse 911 for about 100 homes west of Golden as the Indian Gulch wildfire continues to burn in steep and rugged terrain.

Strong winds and warm, dry weather are hindering firefighters trying to keep flames from a subdivision containing about 250 homes. The Jefferson County sheriff's Office says more homes might have to be evacuated and have notified people in up to 700 houses to be ready to leave if conditions warrant.

A 5 to 8 acre grass fire is also burning in the mountains roughly 20 miles southwest of Golden near Evergreen. It's currently threatening 25 homes. Officials have asked people there to leave their homes as well. UPDATED 4:30 p.m.


100 homes have been ordered to evacuate because of the Indian Gulch fire burning west of Golden. Evacuees are being asked to go to Golden High School.

The 700 acre fire that started on Sunday is only 15% contained and efforts to fight the fire by air today have been hampered by strong gusty winds. The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department has notified 705 residences in the Golden Gate Area by reverse 911 to be prepared to evacuate on short notice. Firefighters from 5 local departments are on hand as is a Hot Shot crew from Idaho.

Meanwhile, 25 homes in Evergreen have also been ordered evacuate because of a small grass fire that started around two o’clock today. This fire is between 5 and 8 acres in size and is located south of Interstate 70 northwest of Bergen Park. Evacuees are being asked to go to Evergreen High School.

A third fire is also burning near Conifer.

Dry, warm weather and windy conditions have raised the fire danger in many parts of Colorado. A Red Flag Warning is in effect through 8 p.m. UPDATED 3:40 p.m.

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