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Teen Awareness of Meth Dangers Up in Colorado

Colorado Meth Project

According to the latest statistics Colorado teens are less likely to use methamphetamine than they were just two years ago. And part of the change is attributed to an ad campaign highlighting the danger of the drug.

While meth continues to be a drug of choice, more teens, 88%, say they have a greater awareness of the risk involved with using the drug. It represents a small, but upward shift in attitude from a survey conducted in 2009 prior to the launch of the Colorado Meth Project.

“We’re certainly seeing it going in the right direction but I don’t think anyone’s ready to take their foot off the pedal in terms of continued prevention efforts alongside law enforcement work and treatment that’s happening across the state as well,” says the group’s Executive Director Kent MacLennan.

The 2011 Colorado Meth Use and Attitudes Survey points to a correlation between the group’s graphic ad campaign depicting the effects of meth addiction and the increase in awareness. The survey says 97% of teens have seen their TV ads – along with those in newspapers, billboards and on the radio. But despite the statewide effort, 43% of meth users still start the drug before the age of 17.