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Education Lawsuit Goes to Colorado Supreme Court


The Colorado Supreme Court will hear oral arguments today in a prolonged lawsuit aimed at trying to fix how the state funds education.

In the case, Lobato vs. Colorado, parents and several school districts sued the state for failing to offer a uniform and thorough education system. They argued that schools don’t have the resources to pay for the education system the state has created over time – including updated technology, infrastructure and programs to help lower the achievement gap and improve literacy.

Senator Andy Kerr (D-Lakewood) says something needs to change.

“There does seem to pretty strong agreement form a number or different groups that we need to do something in how we fund our schools here in Colorado. We have dug a deep hole and our kids are competing against not just other states but other countries.”

During the recent economic downturn Colorado lawmakers cut nearly $1 billion from public schools to help fill the budget shortfall. Lawmakers in both parties say they regretted doing it but had no other choice.  The state is appealing the decision and arguing that the court should not weigh into the education policy debate because it’s up to the legislature to decide how it funds schools.

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