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Boulder County Beefs Up 2015 Budget For More Flood Restoration

Grace Hood
Dillon Road over Rock Creek is one of several transportation projects slated for 2015.

Boulder County Commissioners approved a $438.8 million budget for 2015—$72 million more compared to 2014’s original budget.

The change is attributed to much-needed flood restoration work, which is continuing across the county on roads, bridges and trails.

Commissioners' Deputy Michelle Krezek said the state and federal government is reimbursing some costs.

"If we spend $100, we get $87.50 back from the state and federal governments. So we still have to come up with the 12.5 percent,” she said.

Much of that money will come from a flood recovery sales and use tax Boulder County voters passed. Krezek said the estimated revenue from the tax per year is expected to be between $9 and $10 million.

"This will be a five-year recovery. It will take us that long to get back to where we were."

Boulder County has 15 major transportation flood recovery projects slated for 2015 which includes repairs to Sugarloaf Road and Fourmile Canyon Drive. In 2014, the county completed major repairs to Flagstaff Road and dozens of other projects.

“This will be a five-year recovery. It will take us that long to get back to where we were. But the good thing is that—especially our county roads in the canyon—we’re able to build back better,” said Krezek. “We’ll end up with much better roads, much better facilities in the end. But it’s going to take us a while to get there.”

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