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Seminars at Steamboat was founded in 2003 as a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that brings experts on a wide range of public policy topics to the Steamboat Springs community in Northwest Colorado.

Seminars At Steamboat: Robert Reischauer

Urban Institute
Screencap from Robert Reischauer's exit interview from the Urban Institute

Celebrating 10 years of engaging discussions on important public policy issues, KUNC broadcast the third in our lecture series. On Sunday, Robert Reischauer's lecture was titled Adjusting to America’s New Fiscal Reality: Why This Time It Really Is Different.

About The Speaker

Robert Reischauer is the former director of the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office. He’s also former president of the Urban Institute and is one of the two trustees of the Social Security and Medicare Trust Fund.

He’s a nationally known expert on the federal budget, Medicare, and Social Security. He frequently contributes to the opinion pages of the nation's major newspapers, comments on public policy developments on radio and television, and testifies before congressional committees.

The slides for Reishauer's presentation are embedded below:


The Seminars at Steamboat are free to the public to attend and you can learn more about the series and lectures at their website. Here is the remaining broadcast schedule for the seminars as it airs on KUNC:

Part of the mission of KUNC is to educate and inform, we look forward to your comments on this lecture series. Comments are welcome below or on our facebook page.

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