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Creator Of 'The Oatmeal' Coming To Denver

Koa Metter

Matthew Inman, writer of the internet  blog/web comic The Oatmeal, has recently gained worldwide attention by using his website to raise more than $1.3 million to build a museum in honor of Nikola Tesla.

What started as a ‘one man’ comedy website has turned into a philanthropic power house, and Inman has taken crowd funding to the next level.

Since starting The Oatmeal three years ago, 30 year old Inman says the site has seen 113 million unique visitors. That’s almost a billion page views.  He calls his site a ‘good time waster’ and has created posts on everything from Sriracha hot sauce to "10 words you need to stop misspelling."

Credit Andrews McMeel Publishing
Andrews McMeel Publishing
Matthew Inman's new book

So, It comes as no surprise that when the Tattered Cover Book Store announced on Facebook Inman would be coming to their Lower Downtown Denver store to sign his new book October 25th - over 400 people signed up to attend.

Charles Stillwagon, Tattered Cover’s event manager, says the book store is expecting an overflow crowd for Thursday’s book signing. “Seating will be first come first serve to the people in line for tickets. We did have 300 people for him last year, and expect if the weather cooperates tomorrow to have even more. But the snow is flying in Denver already.”

Inman will be signing his new book, How To Tell If Your Cat Is Trying To Kill You. The book’s publisher, Andrews McMeel, calls it ‘brilliantly whimsical yet oddly informative:’

"If your cat is kneading you, that's not a sign of affection. Your cat is actually checking your internal organs for weakness. If your cat brings you a dead animal, this isn't a gift. It's a warning. How to Tell If Your Cat Is Plotting to Kill You is a hilarious, brilliant offering of cat comics, facts, and instructional guides from the creative wonderland at TheOatmeal.com.”

Charles Stillwater says Inman’s book signing will be free with tickets for the event being handed out on a first come first serve basis starting at 6:30pm October 25th. Seating for Inman’s talk will be on a first come first served basis to ticketed customers only.

Find more information on the Tattered Cover event here.

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