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Great American Beer Festival Shares The Love (And Beer)

More than 12,000 beer lovers crowded into the main hall of the Colorado Convention Center to kick off the annual Great American Beer Fest. Inside, there’s a lot more to do than just sampling the offerings of 624 breweries. For example you can renew your wedding vows.

That’s just the type of party the Great American Beer Fest has become. Every year is bigger than the last and there’s more to see than just the tasting lines.

Tickets always go fast, but in 2013, tickets to the event sold out in less than 20 minutes. Brewer’s registration was closed in under two hours, both record times. So is the event too big?

Size doesn’t seem to be the concern; it’s going to be getting bigger. The Denver Post reports the 2015 GABF will be 30 percent bigger at the convention center. It will be expanding from the current 290,000 square feet to 380,000.

That’s great news for Denver, it’s estimated the annual to-do about brew brings a $7 million boost to local economy.


Hopefully for beer lovers frustrated by hard to get tickets that growth means more chances to get inside. Where else can you try nearly 3,000 different beers and reaffirm your commitment to the love of your life?

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