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Western Colorado Baking Soda Company to Double Capacity

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The country’s second-largest producer of baking soda, Rifle-based Natural Soda, has announced plans to double production in 2013. The change is expected to bring more jobs to Northwestern Colorado.Sodium bicarbonate—the main ingredient of baking soda—can be made synthetically or mined as a natural resource. One of the largest known deposits is in Western Colorado. Due to a steady increase in demand, Natural Soda says it will build a second plant to focus on industrial-grade production.

Brad Bunnett, president and CEO of the company, says he expects it will bring more than a half-dozen jobs to the area.

“In terms of raw numbers it doesn’t seem hugely significant,” he says. “But when you look at our impact on the local economy—in Meeker, Rangely and Rifle—Natural Soda has played an important role in being a stable employer in that area for many years.”

Bunnett says regulatory changes in emissions could dramatically increase the opportunity for sodium bicarbonate use in flue gas desulfurization. Sodium bicarbonate is used in everything from human and animal food to water treatment. Baking soda has more than 500 uses in up to 10 industries.