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Beer Boosts Larimer County Economy

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Beer is big business in Larimer County. That’s according to a new report by Colorado State University economic researchers. The industry supported more than 930 direct jobs in 2010. Meantime, county payrolls have added an estimated $142 million thanks to so-called “spinoff impacts” from local breweries. This may including things like advertising, trucking and accounting services used by the companies.

CSU’s Regional Economics Institute Director Martin Shields, who co-authored the study, says the industry has really taken off over the last five years. 

“When the U.S. economy has been stagnant or declining, it’s been a remarkable boost to the Northern Colorado economy,” he says. “We didn’t realize how important it was beyond the anecdotes until we did the analysis.”

The study examined six breweries based in Larimer County: Anheuser Busch, New Belgium Brewing Co., Odell Brewing Co., Equinox Brewing, Fort Collins Brewery and Funkwerks Inc.

The study did not factor in full service restaurants that brew beer, such as Coopersmith’s Pub and Brewery.