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As 'Frankenstorm' Nears East Coast, DIA Prepares For Delays

Hurricane Sandy off the East Coast on Thursday.

As hurricane Sandy barrels toward the East Coast, it could combine with a strong  winter storm to form what forecasters are calling “Frankenstorm.” And Denver International Airport is preparing for possible delays.

The hurricane and subsequent super storm could disrupt air travel not just along the East Coast, but across the country starting Sunday and lasting through the week.

Denver International Airport is preparing for the possible nationwide delays by proactively notifying hotels near the airport about the impending storm so they can prepare to accommodate stranded travelers.

Credit NASA / NASA
Hurricane Sandy as seen from space.

In a statement released yesterday, airport Spokeswoman Laura Coale says they won't know the exact number of flights affected until the storm actually arrives:

Local hotels have been asked to keep the airport updated with the number of available rooms they might have during this period so when stranded passengers reach out to the airport for help, they can be directed to hotels with vacancies. When there are flight cancelations, hotels provide the best accommodations for passengers but often passengers choose to stay at the airport for a number of reasons including the cost of the room or that they prefer to wait it out until the next flight.  

Airport officials say they are participating in daily teleconference calls with representatives of other airports, airlines and the FAA as the storm moves closer to land fall.

Forecasters say the frankenstorm, if the models are correct, could cause a billion dollars in damage across the eastern seaboard. 

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