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The Winner Is In: New Colorado Logo Chosen

Making Colorado

After months of speculation, Colorado is set to roll out a new state logo that officials hope will boost recognition of the state’s unique brand.

The search for a unified marketing symbol began back in April with Gov. John Hickenlooper asking the question “What makes Colorado Colorado?” and asking residents to weigh in.

A few months later, Making Colorado asked the public to weigh in on potential logos. As we reported, however, the state flag – not one of the choices – ended up stealing the show.

Credit Wikimedia Commons
Wikimedia Commons
For reference, this is the official flag of Chicago.

State officials nixed the idea of using the flag as a branding symbol upon learning many out-of-state people associate it with Chicago, not Colorado. As the Denver Post writes:

But in a nationwide survey where people were shown the flag with no other identifying information, more respondents said it represented Chicago than those who correctly identified it as the Colorado flag.

Of course, in the end there can be only one.

State officials chose the symbol featuring a snow-capped green mountain and a new slogan, "It's Our Nature."

The brand will appear all state vehicles and agencies, and can be used on products designed, manufactured or grown in Colorado.

Establishing a unified brand was one of the six objectives of Gov. Hickenlooper’s economic blueprint for the state.

Colorado has never had an official brand, says the state’s marketing director Aaron Kennedy. He'll formally announce the new symbol Thursday at the Colorado Innovation Summit.

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