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Cleanup Almost Complete For Abound Solar

Grace Hood
Solar panels soak up rays on the Colorado State University campus.

One year after declaring bankruptcy, Loveland-based Abound Solar has finished cleanup and disposal of all hazardous material left in their Colorado facilities.

At the time of bankruptcy, Abound possessed close to 100,000 solar panels and 4,100 gallons of toxic waste, including cadmium, in their Denver, Longmont, and Fort Collins facilities. 

Joe Schieffelin of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment told the Denver Post that 70,000 of the remaining panels that were functional were shipped to a company in Singapore, where they will be sold. The others were shipped to Ohio for recycling.

The 55-gallon tanks of cadmium, used to coat the solar panels, were all removed from the facilities in Fort Collins and Longmont. Health officials say decontamination of these facilities is underway.

KUNC news intern Shan Yang contributed to this report.

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