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Auxiliary Antenna Installation Complete on 91.5fm

Tower crew working on bolting the auxiliary antenna in place on the undamaged section of the tower. The auxiliary replaces the damaged main, which was cut in half by the wind storm on Nov. 13th.

On Nov. 13th high winds in Northern Colorado toppled part of the tower at the KUNC main transmitter and severely damaged the main antenna. We are happy to report that the installation of the auxiliary antenna on Wednesday and Thursday (Dec 7th & 8th) went well. Final adjustments of the antenna were completed today.

As a result, we are now operating at 2/3 normal power, a dramatic increase from the very low 10% of power we were operating at with the damaged main antenna. This auxiliary antenna will remain in place while our main antenna is rebuilt at the factory. The resulting coverage area from the auxiliary antenna is almost near normal for KUNC, only listeners on the very fringes of the signal area may notice some intermittent static or weakness of signal. There is a coverage map for 91.5fm available HERE.

The staff of KUNC would like to thank everyone for their patience while we worked through this extraordinary damage to our tower and antenna. Your continued support of the station is incredibly appreciated.

Here are some pictures from the installation:

You can tune back into 91.5fm if your were a regular listen to that frequency. Additionally, there is a list of our translators and alternate frequencies available HERE. Please feel free to leave us any feedback or comments either in the comments section below or at comment@kunc.org.

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