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What Happened With The Yuma Translator?


Since June 1996, KUNC has been heard in Yuma, CO on local FM translator frequency 88.7. As of June 4 KUNC is now heard on 88.3fm.

On about March 22, 2013 KUNC staff became aware a new FM station, KOOW, of Crook, CO which began licensed operations on the same 88.7 frequency.

Federal Communications Commission rules, which regulate our industry, specify that a full service classed FM station trumps a low power FM translator station. Because of signal overlap between KOOW and our Yuma translator, it was KUNC’s responsibility to cease broadcasting on 88.7 and seek a new frequency, which we promptly did.

Once appropriate technical engineering was completed, KUNC filed for a new frequency March 29. The FCC granted our request to operate on 88.3fm June 3, 2013. KUNC restored broadcasts in Yuma June 4.

We thank you for your patience while we worked to restore service. Any questions can be directed to me by email: ken.broeffle@kunc.org.

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