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Listen To TV On The Radio's Latest, 'Million Miles'

Courtesy of the artist
TV On The Radio's new single, 'Million Miles,' was released Aug. 27 on the band's own record label, Federal Prism.

TV on the Radio is a band that is a little hard to describe. They have elements of electronic, post-punk and some very atmospheric sound.

Combine that with some very clever lyrics and you have the recipe for a unique band. This is the second single from their not-yet-titled forthcoming album. Give it a listen:

Led by Tunde Adebimpe on vocals and multi instrumentalist & producer David Andrew Sitek, the talented duo is known for much more than their work with TV On The Radio. Adebimpe is a graduate of NYU’s film school and specializes in stop motion animation. His work can be seen in the video for the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s single “Pin.” Sitek has also worked with the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s as producer for the band's album Fever to Tell.

This record will be the first since the death of bassist Gerard Smith who passed away from lung cancer shortly after the release of the band’s last album.

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