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VIDEO: NewsHour Wades Into The Colorado Gun Debate 'After Newtown'

PBS NewsHour

After Newtown, how are other communities that have grappled with gun violence, like Aurora, dealing with the gun debate?

Recent tragedies have spurred calls for action both in Colorado and nationwide. Those calls have been met with both proposed action and steeled resolve over gun rights. Monday saw four gun control proposals championed by state Democrats clear the House and head to the Senate. Those bills though were not without opposition. One bill passed by a one vote margin and others saw some defections from fellow Democrats.


NewsHour, and special correspondent Megan Verlee of Colorado Public Radio, visited the frontline of the debate with lawmakers, law enforcement, gun owners, and gun control advocates.

Further reactions from Coloradoans run the gamut. The spectrum includes calls for 'reasonable' background checks and reassurances that the government isn't coming to confiscate guns to concerns that current laws aren't properly enforced and the undue burden that background checks would place on private sales.

The report from NewsHour aired Monday, and a transcript of the video can be found online along with their entire series looking into the gun debate nationwide.

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