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Colorado Springs City Council Approves RV Parking Ban

Colorado Springs
Paul Sableman
CC BY 2.0
Downtown Colorado Springs.

Recreational vehicle parking on all Colorado Springs streets will soon be illegal.

The Gazette reports the Colorado Springs City Council voted on Tuesday to pass an ordinance that will bar RVs from parking downtown.

The ordinance will automatically take effect in two weeks, but the City County decided violators won't face fines until June 1 to allow a grace period to give remaining RV tenants time to find a place to legally park their motor homes.

The ordinance extends citywide a ban that prohibits RVs from parking on residential streets any longer than for "the expeditious loading and unloading of passengers or property."

Starting June 1, first-time offenders will be fined $25. The second fine will be $100, and the third, $125. Four tickets will draw a court summons.

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