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Amid Nationwide Bike Shortage, Boulder Police Encourage U-Locks To Deter Theft

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While most types of crime in Boulder have decreased or stabilized compared to 2020, property crime, including bike thefts, remain high.

“We have some extremely recognizable hot products in Boulder,” Police Chief Maris Herold said during a recent city council meeting. “Most importantly, we have very high-end bikes that are easily accessed and stolen.”

As a nationwide shortage of bikes and bike parts continues, so far this year 372 bikes have been reported stolen in Boulder with an average value of around $1,600. The number of monthly incidents is down compared to last summer. Herold says this is, in part, due to a public awareness campaign.

“For preventing bike theft, the U-lock without a doubt. I’ve tested it myself. It is the only way to prevent bike theft,” Herold said. “All the other locks can be defeated within five seconds with a good pair of pliers.”

In addition to using one of these sturdy, U-shaped locks, Boulder police recommend registering your bike with the city, which is available in some other communities too, like Fort Collins.

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