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Courtesy of the Schmalz family

In-vitro fertilization babies who are conceived from frozen, rather than fresh, embryos have a remarkably better chance of survival than from the method most used in the past, according to a new study by a Colorado physician who is considered one of the nation’s leaders in reproductive medicine.

Bob Winkler / Weld Air and Water

Colorado state Rep. Diane Mitsch Bush says she plans to take up the issue of water contamination and greater setbacks for oil and gas wells from waterways in the wake of September's devastating flooding.

Theresa Gilbert / Weld Air and Water

Weld County in northeastern Colorado, one of the most drilled in the nation, was also among the hardest hit by this week’s historical floodwaters.

Shelley Schlender / Colorado Public News

Every Saturday morning, Shirley Epstein puts on her walking shoes and heads to a tree-lined park to join dozens of friends, and her doctor, for a long walk.

Manuel Martinez / Colorado Public News

The arrival of electronic cigarettes has raised a red flag for health officials and others who worry the activity of “vaping” nicotine will hook young people into a new addiction that could last a lifetime.

David O. Williams / Colorado Public News

A former president of the Colorado Medical Society calls the current hydraulic fracturing boom in the state’s oil and gas industry an “experiment in motion” for the public at large.

Shelley Schlender / Colorado Public News

Using her avatar, Alice Krueger moves around a spacious living room filled with her friends. The party is laid back.

Army Medicine / Flickr - Creative Commons

Rebecca Yanes recently joined an elite club. It’s not a club she wanted to join. In fact, it’s one that some health professionals across Colorado and the country are working to shut down.

Flip Schulke / U.S. National Archives

Beginning July 1, Colorado patients will start saving hundreds and even thousands of dollars on medical equipment because, after a 10-year delay, Medicare is switching to competitive bidding in the Denver and Colorado Springs metro areas.

Gabrielle Pfafflin / Colorado Public News

Evidence suggests that people who sit for hours at a time have an increased potential of developing life-shortening diseases.