Jody Hope Strogoff

Political News Contributor

Jody Hope Strogoff is the editor and publisher of The Colorado Statesman. The Statesman is a non-partisan political weekly newspaper, founded in 1898. Jody began working at the newspaper in the late 1970s, later purchasing the publication in 1988. She discusses the state’s political scene each Tuesday at 6:35 and 8:35 during KUNC’s Morning Edition.


Tancredo - U.S. Congress / Gessler - Colorado Secretary of State

A crowded field of Republicans is hoping to keep Governor John Hickenlooper from serving a second-term in the November 2014 election. But recent polling from Quinnipiac University still shows the Governor ahead of his six GOP rivals.

U.S. Senate

Colorado’s U.S. Senate race is still months away but new details are emerging for both the incumbent, Mark Udall (D), and who could ultimately be his Republican challenger.

Just three weeks into the annual legislative session and Colorado lawmakers are off to a slower start than previous years. But a top Democrat priority bill, aimed at higher education funding, will soon gets its first hearing.

Hickenlooper - State of Colorado / Udall - US Senate

With the 2013 general election all wrapped up, pundits are already looking to 2014. New poll numbers out from Quinnipiac have already shed some early light on what could be some tough races.

John Schoenwalter / The Colorado Statesman

The 2013 election is over, but the stunning defeat of Amendment 66 last Tuesday may impact Governor Hickenlooper’s re-election bid in 2014.

The Equinest / Creative Commons

Amendment 64 paved the way for the legal use of recreational marijuana in Colorado. It also tasked state lawmakers with enacting an excise tax on marijuana sales to fund public school construction.

SQFP / Flickr - Creative Commons

Coloradans face two statewide ballot measures this November. Both seek to raise taxes, but for very different reasons.

Grace Hood / KUNC

Supporters of a ballot initiative to raise money for Colorado schools kicked off their campaign last week - just as the Secretary of State announced a review.

Weld County

Another Republican has joined the field of candidates seeking to challenge Democratic Senator Mark Udall in 2014.


September 10th will be a make or break day for two Colorado lawmakers facing recall.