Karlie Huckels


Karlie came to KUNC as an intern in the fall of 2015 and is now a host/producer. She produces the Get Involved Colorado Series, hosts Weekend Edition, and hosts and produces the podcast Colorado Edition.

You can follow her on twitter @khuckels

Aliya Gorelick / KUNC

When you walk into the Voices Carry Child Advocacy Center in Fort Collins, you can’t miss the colored paper people cover the wall. When a child client comes in, they are encouraged to color a person and stick it anywhere they want.

Get Involved: A3

Sep 3, 2018

The American Council of the Blind of Colorado, also known as A3, is a nonprofit that provides education, training and other support systems for seniors who have severe loss of vision.

Frank Flocke

A diverse team of scientists led by Colorado State University will be on an aircraft conducting smoke observation flights in Boise, Idaho.


Weld County Department of Human Services may not be the usual organization that we highlight on Get Involved. However, their need for people to volunteer is very great in one specific area: foster care.

Katie MacDonald / WOW! Children's Museum

For children with autism and sensory processing disorders, play spaces that meet their needs can be hard to come by. WOW! Children’s Museum in Lafayette is trying to meet kids where they are and provide a space for play among children of all abilities.

Colorado Photographic Arts Center / From the Hip Photo

Colorado Photographic Arts Center executive director Samantha Johnston says their mission is all about art.

"We are supporting the arts, the photographic arts specifically, through education, exhibitions, and community outreach," says Johnston.

The center, founded in 1963, serves as a dedicated photography space in Denver.

La Plata County

Fire season is underway in Colorado. Fire restrictions are in place in several counties, with more going into effect at the end of the week – including some where fires have already started.

Cooking Matters Colorado

“Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, you feed him for life,” or so goes the old idiom.

Heart J Center

The Heart J Center in Loveland is a gem for parents, educators and adults who yearn to be outdoors. For the past 4 years founder and CEO Laura Armstrong has brought the joy of outdoor discovery and education to children and adults.

Melissa Webster / for KUNC

Shelley Coldiron works with a unique bunch, though you can’t tell when you first arrive at the property she manages. It’s a quiet, peaceful place, tucked into the foothills of the Rocky Mountains just northwest of Fort Collins. Birds chirp as a mountain breeze rustles through the trees and the soft notes of a wind chime ring out.