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Udall Gives 6th Senate Floor Speech on Wind Production Tax Credit


Colorado Senator Mark Udall will be on the Senate floor Monday morning, once again urging his colleagues to review and re-authorize the Wind Production Tax Credit. 

The tax credit has brought thousands of clean energy jobs to Colorado which are in jeopardy if the tax is repealed.

Senator Udall is making his 6th speech on the floor of the US Senate, and says he will continue to do so each morning until the tax credit is extended. Udall says the credit is vital to Colorado’s growing clean energy economy and to the economies of other states.

“We have thousands of jobs that are tax revenues that go to the cities, the counties, and the state. So this is a win,win,win across the board.”


The tax credit is an incentive that wind energy advocates say will expand wind energy technology, and keep electricity rates low. Opponents say it will artificially prop up jobs in the industry and shift labor and capital away from other, more productive sectors of the economy.

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