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TV Political Ads in Colorado: The Fun Has Just Begun

.reid/Creative Commons

A new television ad starting today from Mitt Romney's campaign is using former President Bill Clinton's words against President Barack Obama. It marks the beginning of what’s expected to be an even stronger deluge of TV political ads in swing states like Colorado.

Just days after Bill Clinton gave his ringing endorsement of President Obama, Mitt Romney’s ad shows a clip of the former president publicly criticizing Mr. Obama during his 2008 primary battle with candidate Hillary Clinton.


While the ad connects Clinton's comments to the economy, Clinton said he was referring to Obama's position on the Iraq war. That's according to the Associated Press.

At the end of August, data compiled by the Campaign Media Analysis Group showed both candidates and special interest groups spent $25.7 million to put ads on Colorado’s airwaves. That’s out of more than $416.4 million spent nationwide.

As Denver’s Westword points out, the ad spending breaks down to about $2.9 million for each of Colorado’s 9 electoral votes. That may sound expensive, but consider the case of Iowa where $29.7 million in ad spending has translated into $4.9 million for each of Iowa’s 6 electoral votes.

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