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Colorado’s LGBT Community Celebrates Supreme Court Rulings, Discusses Impact

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Colorado’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered community is celebrating Wednesday’s Supreme Court decision striking down a key section of the Federal Defense of Marriage Act.

The Court’s decision still falls short in ensuring protections for same sex-couples in Colorado.

Colorado lawmakers recently passed civil unions, which provide a multitude of state rights to same sex couples. A Colorado constitutional ban on same-sex marriage was passed in 2006. That means Wednesday’s ruling has little direct impact on the state’s LGBT community.

“Well it’s obviously a historic ruling for gay and lesbian couples all across the country with our country’s highest court making this decision,” says Brad Clark, executive director of the LGBT advocacy group One Colorado. “Yet civil unions in the state of Colorado still fall short in providing gay and lesbian couples, you know, the full protections and the dignity that the government provides.”

Clark believes full marriage equality is possible in Colorado, but it will take a statewide conversation and subsequent vote to repeal the constitutional amendment. That would pave the way for the possible legalization of same sex marriage in Colorado.

“We know our fight is not over,” says Clark. “But with polls consistently showing that a majority of Coloradans support the freedom to marry for same-sex couples, we also know that the people of Colorado have made it clear they are ready for a conversation about why marriage matters to all couples – gay and straight alike."

Clark says the LGBT community and its allies need to come together to ensure that conversation is carried out, and his organization will continue to work to secure equal rights for everyone in the LGBT community.

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