Colorado Edition: Looking At The Stars

Nov 7, 2019

Today on Colorado Edition: we'll discuss what we learned from a report about the effects of living near oil and gas drilling sites. Plus, how new program helps student teachers. And, a conversation with fashion designer Orlando Dugi. 

What Does The New Oil And Gas Study Really Tell Us? 

Credit Matt Bloom / KUNC

In mid-October, the state of Colorado released a report that studied the health impacts of living near drilling operations. And there is a lot to digest from it. 

KUNC reporters Rae Ellen Bichell, Matt Bloom and Scott Franz joined us to explain what exactly the study tells us, and what it will mean for future policy. 

For even more on this research, read this reporting from Rae and Matt

New Program Helps Aspiring Teachers

Student teacher Aliah Humphrey works on reading with a group of second grade students at Murphy Creek School in Aurora.
Credit Stephanie Daniel / KUNC

Studying to become a teacher comes with several requirements. One is a semester of full-time teaching. But these college students don't get paid to teach... and this financial burden keeps some from achieving their dream. As KUNC's Stephanie Daniel reports, a new program is removing this barrier. 

Fashion Designer Orlando Dugi's New Exhibit

Fashion designer Orlando Dugi.
Credit Orlando Dugi

While fashion designer Orlando Dugi's formal wear designs can be seen on the runways, he got his start watching his Navajo grandmother. Dugi's work is showcased in a new solo exhibit at Colorado State University's Avenir Museum of Design and Merchandising.

KUNC's arts reporter Stacy Nick spoke to Dugi to learn more about what inspires his work

Orlando Dugi will present a series of gallery talks on Saturday, Nov. 9 at the Avenir Museum

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