Get Involved: Loveland's Community Kitchen

May 9, 2016

Each day, Loveland’s Community kitchen serves approximately 100 meals to people in need. According to one client: “People leave their problems on the other side of that door. On this side, you get to feel like you’re a human again, and feel a closeness to people, and not be afraid of it.”

Get Involved is a monthly series highlighting area nonprofits. KUNC believes that through volunteering, we can help build stronger communities.

The kitchen in between guests.
Credit Loveland's Community Kitchen

Sally Weber, a board member and volunteer, says “The Community Kitchen provides a nutritious meal for anyone in need. You don’t have to qualify, anyone who walks in will be served.”

Sally describes the Community Kitchen as more than just a place to grab a quick meal. “People come here, they eat nutritious food, they can relax, they can visit with their friends, it’s a safe place. They’re not going to be hassled here. They are treated with dignity.”

Volunteers prepare meals.
Credit Loveland's Community Kitchen

Whether they are serving food, picking up donations, cleaning, or providing other volunteer duties, volunteers are essential to the Community Kitchen. “It’s about getting involved in people’s lives and making a difference,” says Sandra Wright, Volunteer Coordinator.

For more information about Loveland's Community Kitchen, click here. To volunteer, click here.