Grant Gordy Live @ Swallow Hill

Apr 6, 2013

As Swallow Hill has said, "Musicians with the talent, perseverance and passion to develop a personal style that impacts a whole field of music only come along a few times a generation." Here's a chance to hear one as Grant Gordy plays Live @ Swallow Hill.

Grant Gordy played a farewell show at Daniels Hall, January 11, 2013. It wasn't a farewell show as in 'quitting the scene' or one of the endless farewell shows you see from longtime classic rock touring acts. No, it was a farewell show as Gordy relocated from Colorado to his new base of New York City.

He's still making music, still involved in touring, and still teaching - no fears there.

Gordy was joined for this farewell to Colorado by Ian Hutchison, Matt Flinner, Billy Contreras and other special guests.



This show originally aired April 6, 2013. It was recorded at Daniels Hall January 11, 2013.