KUNC's Colorado Edition: When Is A Drought Not A Drought? Bison Baby Joins The Herd

Mar 30, 2018

This week, more than a third of U.S. homes are now in what they call the wildland urban interface, where they risk being destroyed by wildfires. That concern is increasingly common in Colorado. When fires happen, there's more consensus that they should be designated as natural disasters.

One thing that exacerbates fire is drought. In the southwest, drought has been ongoing for 18 years. As dry periods become more frequent -- and intense - does our idea of what drought is need to change? We explore the language around climate change and drought.


Then, we sit down with reporter Stephanie Daniel for a little follow up to her story on buffalo last week. That, a review of the film, "Journey's End," and a closer look at how state Senate President Kevin Grantham has overseen the process of investigating several complaints of sexual harassment against his peers.

Music this week:

  • "Remember Me" by Kalatana
  • "Good Grief" by Ryan Little
  • "Enough to Kill a Horse" by Steve Combs
  • "To The Water's Edge" by ROZKOL
  • "You're Magic" by Soft & Furious


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