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Colorado Edition: Survey reveals Coloradans’ opinions; research shows health benefits of natural sounds

Stephanie Paige Ogburn

The annual, nonpartisan Colorado Political Climate Survey gives insight into residents’ opinions on state and national issues, how elected officials are performing, and other political topics. This year’s survey measured how Coloradans feel about topics ranging from COVID-19 mandates to the wording of statewide questions that appeared on the November ballot. We explored the findings with Anand Sohkey, associate professor of political science and director of the American Politics Research Lab at the University of Colorado Boulder.

Recent research from a team of scientists across North America and the National Park Service suggests that listening to the sounds of nature isn’t just soothing, it can positively affect your health. For more, we spoke with Rachel Buxton, a post-doctoral researcher in the department of biology at Carleton University in Ottawa, Ontario; and with George Wittemyer, a professor at Colorado State University in the department of fish, wildlife, and conservation biology.

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