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The man arrested after a deadly attack and standoff at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs Friday is Robert Lewis Dear, 57, officials confirm. Police gave an honor guard to an officer who died in the attack.

Update at 3 p.m. ET: Few Details Revealed At News Event

Praising the police response and saying they're relieved that more than three people were not killed, local and state officials offered few details about the case, citing the ongoing investigation during a news conference Saturday afternoon.

A group of 12 U.S. senators, led by Christopher Murphy, D-Conn., is calling for the Army inspector general to investigate the discharges of tens of thousands of service members diagnosed with mental health disorders, such as post-traumatic stress disorder or traumatic brain injuries.

Staff Sgt. Eric James, an Army sniper who served two tours in Iraq, paused before he walked into a psychiatrist's office at Fort Carson, Colo. It was April 3, 2014. James clicked record on his smartphone, and then tucked the phone and his car keys inside his cap as he walked through the door to the chair by the therapist's desk.

Efforts to fund much-needed repairs to Amtrak's Southwest Chief line got an extra boost Monday as the U. S. Department of Transportation awarded $15.2 million to the project.  Combined with matching funds, the grant, known as a TIGER grant, totals $24.5 million.


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On a chilly morning outside Colorado Springs, Erin Siepker is learning to shoot clay pigeons.

“Pull,” Siepker says.

The target springs from a trap. Siepker aims, then misses, muttering, “Oh, shoot. I messed that one up, didn’t I?”

Siepker is part of a group of about 15 women who gave up half their day to attend a Ladies Cast and Blast event at the Pikes Peak Gun Club. The free, women-only training is offered by Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

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Major power outages have doubled every five years since 2000, which is something the U.S. military is taking seriously. They're helping to lead the way in the development of smaller and more secure grids – known as microgrids.

At Fort Carson Army Base near Colorado Springs, their grid project -- known as the Smart Power Infrastructure Demonstration for Energy Reliability and Security, or SPIDERS -- helps keep the lights on when the powers goes out, acts as a technology incubator and helps increase the base's energy security. This is the military after all.

Pulling Colorado's State Fish Back From The Brink

Jul 15, 2015
Mariah Lundgren / Platte Basin Timelapse, used w/ permission

Colorado's mountain streams are premier trout fishing destinations, but anglers aren't likely to reel in a greenback cutthroat trout. That's because until a few years ago, Colorado's state fish was on the brink of extinction.

"Last time we pretty much just focused on the pools, there wasn't much sitting in these faster areas," said biologist Josh Nehring as he wades up Bear Creek, a few miles outside Colorado Springs. "But it's just running so high this year."

Nehring is electrofishing: sending a current through the water to attract and stun the fish, making them easier to catch. Nehring hopes to find a few trout here to help establish many more elsewhere.

Jason Miller / Creative Commons/Flickr

Colorado Springs residents are the slimmest in the nation, according to polling.

Gallup and Healthways polling found that in 2014, Colorado Springs had the least obese population of any city. Just 19.6 percent of Colorado Springs residents qualify as obese, compared to the highest obesity rate in Baton Rouge Louisiana, where more than a third of the population 35.9 percent, are obese.

Eric Bransby is one of the last living links to the great age of American mural painting. He studied with one of this country's most famous muralists — Thomas Hart Benton — and went on to create his own murals in prominent buildings across the west. The artist is now 98 and still painting.

Six months ago, Raphael Hameed was walking with his 5-year-old son, Ish, in Colorado Springs, Colo., when they were hit by a speeding car.

Raphael was seriously injured. Ish, his only child, was killed. And while the driver is awaiting trial for vehicular homicide, her sister, Megiddëh Goldston, has formed a bond with the Hameed family. They connected after the accident, and Megiddëh visits Raphael and his wife, Heidi, to help with their day-to-day life.