Sat July 28, 2012
Marc On The Blues

Nine O'clock Blues: An Obsession With Robert Johnson


The stories about Robert Johnson (1911-1938) are well known and available in many places. You don’t need me to tell them here. Although I will mention…

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Sat July 28, 2012
Garden Report

When Life Gives You Basil and Garlic, Make Pesto! Creative Commons/Flickr

Garlic and basil are fairly easy to grow in Colorado, and both are delicious on their own. But when you combine them with a little olive oil… you get something that is more than the sum of its parts. KUNC Gardener Tom Throgmorton explains...

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Fri July 27, 2012
Aurora Theater Shootings

Holmes to be Charged in Arapahoe County Monday

Screencap from video of James Holmes' 1st court appearence on July 23rd, 2012. Video courtesy of PBS NewsHour.

On Monday, prosecutors will file formal charges against 24 year old James Holmes, the lone suspect in the mass shootings at the Aurora movie theater that killed twelve people and injured 58 others, some critically.

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Fri July 27, 2012
Arts & Culture

Cosplayers React To Aurora Theater Shootings

Picture from the Denver Comic Con, taken June 15th 2012
intimeoflilacs Flickr - CreativeCommons
  • KUNC's Nathan Heffel interviews Illya Kowalchuk, Executive Director of Comic Book Classroom about how last week’s events could change the comic book culture.

As the country begins to come to grips with last week’s deadly shooting in an Aurora movie theater, questions are starting to emerge about possible security changes at your local cineplex.

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Fri July 27, 2012

Did Beijing Medal In Pollution Cuts?

Beijing's traffic cuts during the 2008 Olympics reduced smog—and greenhouse gas emissions.
Noel Hidalgo Flickr – Creative Commons

As the Summer Olympic Games get underway today in London, researchers at the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder have been looking back to the last games. The effort to clear the skies in Beijing was also a perfect experiment for climate scientists.

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