Tue September 25, 2012

Are You Registered? Voter Registration Drive is Chugging Along

A statewide voter registration campaign launched earlier this month by Secretary of State Scott Gessler is generating modest results.

Armed with $850,000 in federal funds, Gessler told media outlets including the Denver Post that the registration drive is in the largest in Colorado history. His office targeted some 700,000 people who are eligible to vote but aren’t registered.

Postcards mailed to those households, as well as TV and radio ads, have resulted in about 3,000 people updating their status, according to spokesman Rich Coolidge.  As the deadline draws closer, he says efforts will continue.

"The ads will be running, and our office and county clerks will be reminding people, you know, any last-minute changes, make sure you do them before the first week of October, to make sure that your mail ballot’s heading in the right direction, that you’re registered in the right precinct, and you’re getting the right information."

Coolidge says one of the office's goals is to establish a multi-state voter database that can flag people when they move, so they don't end up being registered in two states.

The deadline to register to vote in this year's election is October 9th. So... Are you registered? Check your status online or get registered at GoVoteColorado.com.