Wed March 16, 2011

Bennet, Alexander to Announce Education Reform Task Force

Education reform has been in the spotlight this week after President Obama urged lawmakers to overhaul No Child Left behind by the start of the next school year. And now Colorado Senator Michael Bennet is introducing legislation on Thursday to get that the process going.

The Democrat and one time superintendent of Denver Public Schools is teaming up with former Education Secretary and Republican Senator Lamar Alexander on a bill to create a national task force to study the education system.

Bennet says No Child Left Behind is falling short of its goals.

“It’s very long on mandates and very short on solutions. Very long on red tape and bureaucracy and very short on supporting people at the local level that to innovate and change and grow,” says Bennet.

As members of the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions or HELP committee – Bennet and Alexander will also announce the formation of a working group to study the regulations and assessment systems in their home states of Tennessee and Colorado. The Governor’s of both states will be a part of the effort.