Thu February 17, 2011

Non-Profit Says Caps on Healthcare Spending Would Benefit Coloradans

While the debate over tossing out the healthcare bill continues, a non-profit consumer health group is advocating the benefits of a provision in the bill that would cap out-of-pocket spending on healthcare.

The non-partisan Families USA says 15-million people nationally will deal with a financial crisis such as bankruptcy or foreclosure this year because of an unexpected injury or illness - including 235,800 people in Colorado. Families USA Executive Director Ron Pollack says the Affordable Care Act addresses the problem.

“It places an out-of-pocket ceiling that people do not have to spend in excess of when they receive care,” says Pollack.

But that spending cap doesn’t take effect until 2014. And even if it were in place today, Pollack says nearly 75% of Coloradans would still spend $391 million above the cap with their out-of-pocket expenses. In the meantime, Republican’s in the U.S. House, including Colorado Fourth District Congressman Gory Gardner, are attempting to defund the healthcare reform bill this week.

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