Fri December 20, 2013

Temporary Repairs Not Enough For U.S. Highway 36

October 5, 2013 Utah National Guard members work to repair a flood-damaged stretch of U.S. Highway 36 in Boulder and Larimer Counties, Colo.
Credit Utah National Guard

Friday marks 100 days since flooding damaged or destroyed many Colorado roadways. 

Temporary repairs were made and all roads reopened before a Dec. 1 deadline. But one, U.S. 36 between Pinewood Springs and Estes Park, is starting to erode. That’s forced the closure of one lane. 

“There was the term temporary there for a reason," says Colorado Department of Transportation spokeswoman Amy Ford. "These roadways will continue to be potentially vulnerable as we go through the winter. And our crews will be monitoring them all along.”

Ford says the agency is keeping an eye on all of the repaired roads.

Ford says the closure is for approximately one mile of U.S. 36, and stresses that the road is still safe to drive. She says crews will begin repairs in the New Year on slope stabilization and repacking the dirt under the roadway before beginning the planned permanent repairs.