Fri April 27, 2012

VIDEO: CU Finds Big Bear On Campus

It has been a big week on campus at CU. A 200lb Bear ambled onto university grounds and had to be tranquilized.

This video from the AP shows the moment when bear succumbed to the tranquilizer:

The Daily Camera has the story of Rhonda Chestnutt, who had a brush with the bear.

"Her first assumption was that a large dog -- perhaps a Saint Bernard -- had just barreled past her outside of CU's Williams Village dorm complex, near Baseline Road and 30th Street."

"But when the animal looked back over its shoulder, she got a better look. Chestnutt realized she just had a brush with a black bear."

That kind of encounter reminds us of the poor fellow who met a bear while walking and talking on his cell phone.

All's well that ends well, the bear was relocated to the mountains. The best part though has to be this picture we found via the CU Independent twitter feed: