Sun October 21, 2012
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Vincent Van Gogh Exhibit Opens In Denver

The Becoming Van Gogh exhibition opens Sunday at the Denver Art Museum . The show brings together loans from more than 60 museums, galleries and private collections through Europe and North America.

The exhibition is an in-depth exploration of 19th century painter Vincent van Gogh’s unconventional path to becoming one of the world’s most recognizable artists.

Denver Art Museum Curator Timothy Standring says the idea is to show how Van Gogh’s style evolved between the time he started painting in 1880 and his death ten years later.

"We're showing all those phases that people don't really know about. It's not just`Sunflowers' and `Starry Night.'''

Before Vincent van Gogh painted "Sunflowers'' or "The Starry Night,'' [pictured above] he worked as a teacher and hoped to become a minister. After being told he didn't have the skills to be a preacher, he turned to art.

The story of how Van Gogh developed his signature style is told through the exhibit.

Wheatfield with Sheaves - 1888
Credit Honolulu Museum of Art / Wikimedia Commons

Ticket prices range from $18 for members and $25 for the general public. Senior, child and student discounts are offered. Ticket information is available at www.VanGoghDenver.com.

Audio guides in English and Spanish will be available for adults and children.  Audio guides are free for members and cost $3 for the general public.  

Audio stops throughout the tour spotlight key moments of his artistic journey and underscore the limitations and challenges he faced with his attempts to master materials and techniques on his way to arriving at his inimitable iconic style.

Becoming Van Gogh is a world-exclusive to the DAM and it’s the first-ever exhibition of Van Gogh’s work in the Rocky Mountain Region. The exhibition will be on view at the Denver Art Museum through Jan. 20, 2013.


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