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Mon September 30, 2013
Oil and Gas

Greater Setbacks Eyed For Oil And Gas Drilling In Flood's Aftermath

Flooded oil and gas operations in northeastern Colorado.
Bob Winkler Weld Air and Water


Fri September 27, 2013

51st State Supporters Press On Despite Flooding Aftermath

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Bloomberg Businessweek spoke with Weld Commissioner Sean Conway and 51st State Initiative President Tom Gilley in a look at where the new state movement stands after the historic flood and the costly rebuilding efforts.
Source: Businessweek · Via: Grace Hood
Colorado's worst flooding in half a century killed eight people, destroyed thousands of homes and wiped out hundreds of miles of roads, yet it hasn't damped enthusiasm in 11 counties to secede from the state.


Wed September 25, 2013
Colorado Flood

Flood Brings Drought Relief, Financial Headaches To Farmers

Farmer James Werning, 30, is surveying the damage to his family's farm outside LaSalle, Colo. Corn fields were inundated with water and some farm equipment was damaged by the hip-high water.
Luke Runyon KUNC and Harvest Public Media

The flood damage in Colorado is immense, reaching beyond homes and small businesses. The raging rivers also spilled into low-lying farm and ranchland, wrecking costly equipment and stranding livestock.

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Fri September 20, 2013
Colorado Flood

Evans' Pipe Plan Could Help Lift 'No Flush'

Piping for a temporary sewer bypass waiting for installation in Evans, Colo., Sept. 19.
Nathan Heffel KUNC


Fri September 20, 2013
Colorado Flood

Look At The Flooding Of Greeley And Evans From Space

The swollen South Platte River pushing though Evans and Greeley, Colo., Sept. 17, 2013.
Jesse Allen and Robert Simmon, using Landsat data from the USGS NASA Earth Observatory