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What's An Art Car? In Short, Creativity Fueled Fun

Nearly 80 art cars, some rumbling loudly and one flicking flames aloft, cruised through Trinidad Saturday, transforming the quiet community into a sculpture gallery on wheels.

Take a look through the slideshow and you'll see vehicles from as far away as Boston participated in the second annual “ArtoCade," which was launched by resident Rodney Wood on behalf of the city's tourism board.

Art Car parades of all sizes began sputtering into cities around the world in the 1980s, with Houston, Texas claiming the largest in the United States. Organizers estimated Trinidad drew 8,000 spectators, about 1,000 people shy of the Southern Colorado city’s population.  

Vehicle themes varied from dark and dangerous to outright absurd. Noises, all manner of sparkly things, and thousands of pounds of beads and chalk were among the transformative materials.

No specialized skills are required to classify one as an art car creator. Anything goes, so long as two rules are followed – it must be drivable and, above all, fun.

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