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CSU President Frank Gives Approval to On-Campus Stadium—With Conditions

Colorado State University

Colorado State University President Tony Frank supported plans to move forward Monday with a proposed stadium project —but there are conditions and strings attached.

In a long written announcement, Frank said the idea has enough merit to move forward:

To this end, at the upcoming meeting of the Board of Governors this week, I will be making the following recommendation: That CSU embark on fund raising efforts for a new stadium located on our main campus; that we continue to the next phase of planning, including the development of a program plan and an amendment of the campus master plan...

However, Frank said certain fundraising criteria would have to be met in order for the project to reach the construction phase:

…it would be difficult for me to justify any financing plan that didn't fund at least 50% of the cost ($125M) via philanthropic gifts. Can we raise such an amount? Time will, of course, answer that question.

Ultimately, if a viable financing plan hasn't been identified for the new stadium in two years, then efforts should not move forward, said Frank.

The proposed stadium has been the subject of criticism from homeowners living near campus, as well as groups like Save Our Stadium Hughes. Questions have circled around all details of the project, from larger philosophical ones about whether the university should prioritize athletics in fundraising to logistical questions around traffic and noise issues.

CSU’s Board of Governors meets in Fort Collins Thursday and Friday. There is expected to be time devoted to public comment.

You can read the entire letter from Tony Frank here.

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