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VIDEO: Ice Dam Breaks On The Big Thompson Along U.S. 34

Screencap from the video showing the Big Thompson seen along U.S. 34 after an ice dam broke and released additional flows downstream.

The Colorado Department of Transportation reported the ice dam break Thursday, briefly causing concern and emergency notification downstream. Later tweeting that no problems were reported in the Big Thompson Canyon, the Larimer Sheriff canceled the notifications.

In the video a CDOT employee is heard describing the scene. "Ice dam just released, Noon, mile point 78 on U.S. 34. February 6, 2014. Approximately 6 foot layer of ice, collapsed... oh boy."

As the water picks up speed and the rushing water noise increases the CDOT official can be heard saying, "That's not good, I gotta make a phone call."

The Larimer Sheriff tweeted the warning at 12:31 p.m. After no adverse reports and investigations by Sheriff's deputies, the situation was deemed normal. The Loveland Reporter-Herald writes that CDOT reported "that an ice jam had broken near the former Indian Village on U.S. 34 and was sending 4 feet of water and ice rushing down the river."

The precaution follows the September floods where U.S. 34 and the Big Thompson canyon suffered high damage from the power of rushing water.

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