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Watch A Flood Ravaged Colorado Road Get Rebuilt In 3 Minutes

A screencap from James Balog's video showing the damage to North Cedar Brook Road in Pinewood Hills.

More than a month after floodwater soaked the state, washing out roads and bridges, state and local crews are rushing to get those roads reopened before the winter. Many mountain roads were hit hardest, with North Cedar Brook Road in Pinewood Hills one of many on the list.


Rebuilding North Cedar Brook Road took three and a half days. Photographer James Balog and his assistant Matt Kennedy caught the rebuilding using a camera shooting at 10 second intervals.

Credit Google
North Cedar Brook Road as it appeared near the intersection of Linden before the flood, courtesy of Google Maps.

As you can see, water ripped through the small, rusted culvert under North Cedar Brook destroying a section of the road above.

Balog and Kennedy used cameras which typically record time-lapses on a much, much larger scale, like their project documenting climate impacts on the world’s glaciers.

Road repairs are a far cry from time-lapses of glaciers in Greeland, Iceland, Alaksa and the Himalayas, but it still shows off the forces of nature – and what has to be done to clean up afterward.

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