Amanda Andrews

Morning Producer/Host

I work as a producer for Morning Edition gathering news in the wee hours of the morning. You may also hear me as your host in the middays.

I was born in Texas but I grew up here in Colorado. Living just outside of Denver has given me a deep appreciation for all the things unique to this state. Working at KUNC gives me the chance to dive deeper into all things local.

When I’m not at the station I’m at concerts. In my free time I enjoy talking just as much as I do on the air, just usually about music and marvel movies instead.

Ways to Connect

David Wilson / CC BY 2.0

Voting closes tonight for Stapleton property owners in a referendum to change the name of the neighborhood.

Activist groups like Rename Stapleton say residents have been trying to change the neighborhood’s name since development began in the 1990s.

Colorado Department of Transportation

A temporary traffic pattern on U.S. 36 will allow commuters to travel from Boulder to Denver until the highway is rebuilt. A portion of the highway crumbled on July 12, creating a traffic nightmare.

Two new eastbound lanes were created on the undamaged westbound side of the highway and separated with concrete barriers.