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Northern Colorado Business Report publisher Jeff Nuttall helped establish the business journal in 1995 and its expansion to a biweekly format in 1999. Jeff is involved with numerous community activities in Ft. Collins. He discusses regional business and economic issues impacting northern Colorado every other Thursday at 5:35 and 7:35 during KUNC’s Morning Edition.

The holiday shopping season is well underway but delays continue to plague the redevelopment of Foothills Mall in Fort Collins.

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Northern Colorado accounts for 13 percent of the state’s most energy- efficient buildings, according to data from the U.S. Green Building Council.

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The improving real estate market is helping banks get problem loans off their books.

As Coloradans begin shopping for health insurance via the newly opened exchange,  the Division of Insurance is looking into letters some people say they’ve gotten from their insurance carriers warning of higher rates if they don’t renew their existing policies.

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The massive flooding that began last week across much of the Front Range has largely subsided, but the cleanup and recovery are sure to take a long time.

The concept of "rate shock" was a hot topic after the passage of the Affordable Care Act. But so far, a dramatic surge in health insurance premiums hasn't materialized.

Many Fort Collins residents are wondering what the renovation of the Foothills Mall will ultimately look like. But the answer to that question may have already been revealed at another site south of Denver.

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Despite strong growth in the last several years for Colorado craft brewers, overall beer sales are down statewide -- and it appears the state's behemoth brewers are dragging down the numbers.

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An organization working to encourage greater use of electric vehicles is heading up an effort to add more than a dozen charging stations throughout Fort Collins and Loveland.

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When you think of the richest counties in Colorado, Weld County isn’t necessarily the first to come to mind.