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Police Make Arrests at Occupy Protest in Loveland

Grace Hood

Police arrested or cited more than a dozen protesters outside a Loveland Wal-Mart Distribution Center today. The bulk of the arrests came after demonstrators attempted to block a truck’s exit around 1 pm.

Police officers watched from a distance but drew in closer at 12:45 when about five demonstrators sat down in front of a semi truck that was attempting to leave. All were arrested.

At least two people, including Dale Canan from Longmont, were given tickets for crossing the street too close to oncoming traffic. Canan says he wasn’t doing anything wrong, and found the police presence on Monday frightening.

“It’s unnerving to have police officers who are armed to the teeth,” he said.

Loveland police worked alongside Larimer County Sherrif’s Department officers at the event. Some appeared on horseback while others stood--some looked on from nearby parked vehicles.

Protesters came from Denver and cities across Northern Colorado. Carla Massaro from Loveland took the day off work to come and demonstrate. She says she’s frustrated that the top 1 percent isn’t paying its fair share of taxes.

“I’m out here to stand for the right of everyday citizens. I don’t feel like we’re all being treated equally,” she said.

Monday’s event was part of a larger effort to block gates at some of the West Coast’s busiest ports.


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