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Proposed Internet Piracy Law Strikes a Chord at Udall Town Hall

Grace Hood

Senator Mark Udall swung through Northern Colorado yesterday with stops in Greeley, Brighton and Fort Collins. While the focus was on jobs and the economy, it was a proposed Internet piracy law that attracted a lot of discussion at a town hall on the Colorado State University campus.

Senator Udall says he does not support the law, which would give the government authority to shut down web sites that are directly or indirectly connected to copyright infringement.

Self-employed technical consultant Jon Fye cited low public opinion for the legislation, and said he was worried that it would shut down the free flow of information on the Internet.

“If passed, this legislation would fall on deaf ears and I believe that it would be unenforceable,” he said.

Udall, who opposes it, said the two proposals under consideration by the House and Senate are “bad bills” and Congress needs to start over drafting a new proposal.

“One of the great ironies is that by implementing this law we would undercut our capacity to create a more secure Internet,” he said.

Udall also fielded questions about the U.S. diplomatic relations with Iran, global warming and health care. The Senator spent much of the remainder of his day focusing on the Northern Colorado economy and wrapped up his day in Brighton with a visit to the Vestas Nacelles factory.

Editor's Note: Jon Fye has made a full recording of his comments at the Udall town hall available. His speech is embedded below via youtube.

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