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In Denver, Pre-Debate Poll Shows Majority Think Country Headed in Wrong Direction

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A new poll released to coincide with tonight’s Presidential debate at the University of Denver shows deep pessimism among Americans about the direction of the country and trust in government. 

The quarterly poll by All State and the National Journal samples 1,000 middle class registered voters and the latest was conducted shortly after the political conventions last month. 

Some key findings:

  • Confidence in federal elected officials is at historic lows, with only about a third of those sampled saying they're better off than they were in 2008
  • 70% said that individuals, companies and government have not learned from the mistakes of the recession and will likely return to making irresponsible choices
  • 64% said they believe they are facing more economic risks than their parents

During a panel at the poll’s release at the Sheraton Hotel in Denver Wednesday, Governor John Hickenlooper agreed the economic recovery in this swing state has been sluggish, but he said corporate profits here have rebounded to levels above where they were before the recession.
"A lot of those jobs that people lost in this recession and even back in 2002 and 2003 are jobs that are not going to come back," he said.  "We have not sufficiently found the methodology to retrain people for the new jobs."  

Hickenlooper said the task now is to boost resources to community colleges and other technical schools that can better suit employers in the new economy.

Kirk Siegler reports for NPR, based out of NPR West in California.
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