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Weekend Gun Events Protest Upcoming Laws

Victory Defense Consulting

Several protest events are taking place the weekend before July 1, the date new gun laws take effect in Colorado. One of the most controversial bans ammunition magazines that hold over 15 rounds.

J.J Sutton, President of Victory Defense Consulting in Cañon City, says the “Colorado Freedom Shoot” in Briggsdale will be the last high-capacity shooting competition in the state. “We’re trying to use our 1st Amendment rights to support our 2nd Amendment rights,” says Sutton.“We feel that some of [our rights] have been taken away with some of this quick knee jerk legislation.”

The Freedom Shoot is both Saturday and Sunday and will feature numerous shooting competitions including a handgun, long range, and speed steel challenge. Sutton says the multi-day event will bring awareness to the concerns of gun owners across Colorado.

“We have lost some rights that we had no voice in, that we had no real representation in, because of some tragedies around the nation. And they truly are tragedies, but knee-jerk reactions by uneducated politicians who do not understand real public safety concepts played into party politics and an agenda was driven by one party,” says Sutton. “And we’re unfortunate enough in Colorado that the ruling party dominates our politics and the real voices of Colorado lost out.”

In a separate event Saturday June 29, ammunition magazine manufacturer Magpul Industries says it will distribute 1,500 30-round magazines for free during their “A Farewell to Arms” event in Glendale.

Governor John Hickenlooper signed the gun control legislation into law in March following a contentious legislative battle that has spurred the recall efforts of 2 Colorado Democratic State Senators.

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