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University of Northern Colorado Pursues Hispanic-Serving Institution Designation

An elevated view of part of the City of Greeley. There are trees in fall colors in the foreground, while the Rocky Mountains rise in the background.
City of Greeley
The Rocky Mountains, as seen from Greeley.

According to census data, Hispanic and Latino Coloradans make up almost 22% of the state’s population. By some estimates, that could grow to 30% — nearly one in three Coloradans — by 2040. The average age of that population group is 26.

With all this growth, more Hispanic and Latino students are entering the world of higher education than before. The University of Northern Colorado in Greeley is anticipating Hispanic and Latino students will soon make up 25% of total enrollment. This is a key metric in in becoming a Hispanic-serving institution (HSI), a designation from the U.S. Department of Education that would allow UNC to get additional funding to better serve those students.

Tobias Guzmán is UNC’s interim vice president for student affairs and chief diversity officer. He joined Colorado Edition to talk about changes in the student population and the pursuit of the HSI designation.

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