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Henry Zimmerman

Producer & Show Editor, Colorado Edition


I host and produce KUNC’s in-depth, regional newsmagazine Colorado Edition, which has me searching across our state for peculiar and impactful stories to bring to listeners, always with a focus on empowering the people who hear our show and speaking through them to our guests. I am also a big nerd about field recording and audio editing, my dedication to which I hope serves our listeners who care about audio as much as I do.

I’ve worked at a number of radio stations across the world since I took my first radio job as a weekend host at KWIT in Sioux City, Iowa in 2013. For a brief stint in 2014, I hosted a country music show at a commercial radio station in my hometown. And for an even briefer stint in 2017, I hosted a pair of radio shows in Dublin, Ireland for a community radio station, not too unlike KUNC. Most recently, I was with National Public Radio in Washington, D.C., where I worked as a reporter and producer in my time as a Kroc Fellow. Through it all, my work has been heard by millions of listeners around the globe.

Outside of my work at KUNC, I enjoy spending time repairing things with my hands, learning about the ocean, and exploring the more extreme end of Colorado’s music scene.